LED High Bay Fixture

LED high bay luminaire designed to illuminate commercial, industrial & retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, sporting venues and big-box retailers. Painted steel housing and aluminum heat sink for maximum durability and high performance. High-efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy and maintenance cost savings compared to traditional, HID high bays.

  • Available in 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k (cool white) color temperatures.*
  • Long-life LEDs provide 122,000 hours of operation with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L70).**
  • Delivers 13,910 lumens from 100 watts input (139 lumens per watt) at both 4000k & 5000k.*
  • Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.
  • Step-down transformers are required for 347-480V applications. Use optional transformer cover box for enclosed wire connections (see page two of specification sheet for details).
  • 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard.
  • Color rendering index > 80.
  • Painted steel housing.
  • Options include pendant-mounting kits, surface-mounting kits, diffused lenses, and steel wire-guard kits.
  • Easy installation in new construction or retrofit.
* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages.
** L70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.
Lumens 13,910 Lumens
Wattage 100W
Life Hours 122,000
Volts 100-277 Volts
Hz 50/60Hz
Dimensions 211/2" x 161/2" x 11/2"
Warranty 5 Year Warranty